Discover the wonder in learning

Partner with Christ-centered teachers to homeschool your children at Scholé Educational Discovery for a full two-day in-person academic schedule with Language Arts, Math, Science, History, and electives.

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What Makes Scholé different?


Low Teacher-Student Ratio

Small class sizes give students the ability to work diligently at their own pace while giving them the opportunity to dive deeper into topics that interest them.


Hands on student Learning

Hands-on learning improves cognitive understanding of subject material and social skills. Through group activities, students learn how to find solutions diplomatically, delegate, and work as part of a team.


Qualified, experienced teachers

The teachers at Scholé are chosen for their passion for Christ, for students and for their love of learning. Many have taught in the traditional school environment and others have years of experience teaching in a homeschool setting.

individualized instruction for all kinds of learners

Individualized instruction helps student develop the necessary competencies to succeed through the course material. In the 2024-2025 school year, we’ll be focusing on Life Science and Ancient History.

Students will explore Ancient Rome, Greece,
China, Mesopotamia, and More!

Students will discover more about Botany and Animal Science.

a close up of electronics


a close up of electronics

Integrated Art


a close up of electronics


What we offer

Full two day academic schedule with Language Arts, Math, Science, and History as well as electives.

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