What We Offer

What We Offer

Full Two-day In-person Classes

Full two day academic schedule with Language Arts, Math, Science, and History as well as electives. Homework is provided weekly for at-home days for a five day academic schedule.

Community Events

Students participate in science fair, in-class presentations, labs, and field trips. Parents are encouraged to attend and participate in potluck lunches, beach days, a Christmas event and an end of year family celebration.

Private educational therapy sessions

Private educational therapy sessions for students who learn differently.  NILD – National Institute for Learning Development

Scholé has been the perfect fit our family, and has made homeschooling easy and enjoyable. Our daughter also has some educational challenges, and the educational therapy has been an absolute game changer for her! We are so thankful for Schole and how it enriches our family’s life!

Lauren Y.

Boynton Beach, FL